Wednesday, September 26, 2007

26th September- 2 best stocks to trade/buy- Nortel (NT) and Starbucks(SBUX)

2 best stocks to trade/buy- Nortel (NT) and Starbucks(SBUX).

Nortel Network (stock symbol NT) made a new low yesterday and it also had a REVERSE stock trading signal. Today it opened with a GAP and closed above today Open Price. This is a pretty good JUMP START SIGNAL. A very good trading opportunity to trade buy Nortel Network (stock symbol NT) with stopless at yesterday's low price. Look at the chart below:

Starbucks( stock symbol SBUX). This growing stock is in some reaction for quite some time. Currently a nice triangle pattern is emerging. Today's move can prove to be the starting point for the bullish trend in the stock for next few weeks or months. (Such triangle patterns usually can break out in any direction so for investors/traders who are seeking more safety, look out of the gap in opening price over the next few days. If there is up GAP, that is a confirmation for the uptrend. A down Opening Gap is a signal to stay away from buying. However makes good candidate to buy Starbucks SBUX CAll options with strike price of 27.50. Please note that current price right now is 27.60 or so. Call Options for October are trading at 70 cents. )

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