Friday, June 6, 2008

DUG- 2 nice reversals at higher bottoms

UltraShort Oil & Gas ProShares (AMEX):

2 nice REVERSE/ RESTART signals with high volume. Oil went up today by $10 and surprisingly DUG also closed higher!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

ABK - MBIA- Ambac stock Came as a potential turnaround stock on screens today

Looks like those hiflyers who are currently in trouble- I mean Bond Insurers, ABK-MBIA, are attractive new money or shorts are now covering. Whatever the story, if someone likes them, there is a REVERSE signal with High Volume on your side. Though they are dirt cheap, they may have risk most of us will not be able to see... so it is strongly advised to keep a stop loss.

MBIA- what a fall! However today at $6, this stock came on my REVERSE screen so will likely trade with a stoploss at today's low price. Today's volume is the key.

About MBIA
MBIA Inc. is a premier financial guarantor and a leading provider of fixed-income investment management services. The Company’s core business is credit enhancement of municipal bonds and structured financings. MBIA's innovative and cost-effective products and services meet the credit enhancement, financial and investment needs of its public and private sector clients, domestically and internationally. MBIA Inc.'s principal operating subsidiary, MBIA Insurance Corporation, has the following financial strength ratings: Triple-A with negative outlook from Standard & Poor's Ratings Services; Triple-A with negative outlook from Moody's Investors Service; and Triple-A with a negative outlook from Ratings and Investment Information, Inc. MBIA’s offices in New York, Denver, San Francisco, Paris, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Sydney and Tokyo, service the needs of clients with local solutions around the globe.