Thursday, August 20, 2009

MESA: Mesa Air Group (NASDAQ: MESA): Watch this stock

MESA Air Group (Stock: MESA):

Nice patterns. The resistance line broken on high volume. A flag pattern on high volume. Volume going down now. To complete the Flag pattern, it might give another jump of 15 cents (similar to it going up from 16 cents to 30 cents.

Current price 24 cents. Stoploss at 2o or 22 cents.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SIRI: Sirius XM Satellite:

On the daily stock price chart, there is a Head and Shoulders inverted pattern with a small Flag recently. With a 3 cents risk, it can be traded for a quick move from current level of 50 cents to 68 cents or so.
SIRI on a Weekly price chart:
Cup and Saucer is a technical pattern and good trading opportunitiy. This usually takes place after some tiring (read as boring) period for the stock. Sirius XM Radio as shown below has the pattern in making with a nice saucer and a handle formation. At the current rate of $0.50, this can be traded with a 5 cents risk (stoploss @45 cents)

As always, a stoploss is strongly recommended.