Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sprint- Apply AAPL S -contract- will iphone do a wonder for Sprint?

Sprint- Apply AAPL S -contract- will it do a wonder for Sprint?
Today Apply announced that iPhone will be available on Sprint network. Some reports are saying that this is going to be very expensive for a company like Sprint. Not sure what will happen but the Sprint stock says that overall market thinks this to be good for Sprint. There is a strong stock trend reversal REVERSE signal in Sprint stock today.

Let us watch if Prices tell us a story accurately this time. Stoploss at today's low price.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GLD, Gold, Buy gold or sell gold?

GLD (the Gold ETF) made an all time high yesterday. If you notice over last four days, there is an island reversal- a bearish signal.
* Similar island reversal happened in July but at that time, it was bullish and it shows a nice upward move in prices over subsequent weeks.
* Also the volume yesterday (Sep 96, 2011) the day when GLD hit the highest price is considerabley lower then the volume we saw during the sell off few days ago. The upward movement has lower volume than the downdays and this shows a potential drying out of demand/ or acclerated profit taking.
* Not complete yet, but this can be a double top in GLD/Gold around 184-185 level.

Please keep a stoploss at yesterday's high prices.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are bad days over? DIA reversal does say that today.

What a market over last few days!!! Anyway, today there is a very strong reversal in market as per Profit From Prices.
DIA has shown REVERSE Buy today. This is one of the strongest signals that I have seen recently.


Friday, August 5, 2011

RBCN, Rubicon- Powerful Reversal signal

RBCN- what a drop from around $30 to a low of 10.76 today!!!
Today has a chance to be turn around day. It opened way lower at 10.76 but looks like the open was the low price for today! Then on a high volume, it closed 10 cents higher compared to yesterday's close. This is a TURN AROUND signal but is as poweful as a U TURN buy signal.

Can be traded with a stoploss at $10.59


CSCO- Cisco -New low today but it closed 12 cents up. Jump in volume too.
Buy with a stoploss at 14.28.

Update 09 Aug 2011. Unfortunately, the above signal fail (almost all stocks are hammered over last 2-3 days in wake of S&P downgrade of US.
Anyway, today is another strong Reverse signal in CSCO. This second Reverse over few days adds good confidence.

Curren rate is 13.98

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

C- Citibank, Citigroup REVERSE (Buy) Signal May 24, 2011: Citi stock a buy today after a reverse split

C- Citibank, Citigroup REVERSE (Buy) Signal May 24, 2011: Citi stock a buy today after a reverse split.

Citibank stock has shown a pretty good REVERSE BUY signal today. One can play with a stoploss at today' low price.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

CSCO- REVERSE (Buy) Signal May 18, 2011: Cisco Stock

Cisco (CSCO) had a pretty good Reverse Buy Signal yesterday. Wish it had a much stronger jump in volume! Still worth trading with a stoploss at $16.29.

For more details about Reverse Buy stock trading signal

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Markets look shaky, commodities scary...What to buy in this market? Probably Airlines stocks

Oil showed a remarkable turn around on Monday. Markets are also shaky a bit but many Airline stocks showed strong reversal signals as per Profit From Prices method.

You can consider these stocks for investment at currrent prices.
AMR has the strongest signal- REVERSE Buy
LCC and DAL also had U TURN signals with good jump in volume

As always, do your homework. We just try to include here what we are considering ourselves.
(FYI: Check the earnings projections for airline stocks. Even when Oil is so expensive, most of them are expected to earn $1 or more. P/E looks pretty reasonable at these prices.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Delta Airlines- DAL- Stock shows REVERSE signal

Delta Airlines- DAL- Stock shows REVERSE signal

Delta Airline stock, DAL, showed a strong trend reversal today. Overall market was very bad and DAL was also bad when the day started but later in the trading session, the stock showed remarkable uptrend, from today's low price, with strong volume.

DAL can be bought for short to medium term with a stop loss at $10.25.

Stock chart- courtsey of http://www.stockcharts.com/