Sunday, March 10, 2013

What can i do to get a mansion?

What can i do to get a mansion?

What are some thing i should plan or do in order to have a mansion when im older. Please no comments saying that its not possible only information that is worth my time is appreciated thank u.

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If you really mean to live in a mansion, there are few ways you can realize your dream.
* If your parents are super rich, be a good child and probably you can get it in inheritance. By birth is one way but by now you probably know if this way is going to work for you or not.
* Find and merry some wealthy lady. Marriage is another way to acquire wealth.
* Hard work and/or education. In theory they can help but to be super rich, I think smartness and luck play a bigger role than hard work or education. Hard work and/or education help you get a better job but a job is a job unless you can climb to be CEO or some C level executive to fulfill a dream of living in a mansion.
* Find a field where pay-offs are speculative- like sales jobs, hedge fund or trading jobs.
* Though odds are very very low but lottery is another way to get super rich.
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