Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Facebook- how much it is after money! Is it ignoring the user satisfaction now..

Facebook (FB) is one of the most popular stocks. Tomorrow it is going to release its earning. Is it going to be good? I am sure earnings will be good. Facebook has shown good growth in user acquisition and also in monetizing.  Some analysts are feeling that the user growth is slowing. That is the first sign of worry. On the other hand, their monetization also seems to be hitting a limit. I was checking my Facebook page and looks like on the first screen, Facebook is taking 40% of the real estate! See the image below. The highlighted part is what I am interested in. The other part is what Facebook is interested in. How far Facebook can go??? For giving me some cool app, I am paying facebook half of the screen when I log on!! Compare the ads and information ratio on Google, Yahoo or MSN and you will see how ridiculous Facebook has become in its pursuit of money!!