Friday, May 26, 2017

Watch List 2017/05

Just read Nicholas Darvas' book about how he made 2 million in less than 2 years. I want to experiment his methods.


DDD: 3D Printing: Looks like flag pattern. (2017/05/26)
Trading plan: Buy 1000 now with stoploss at 20.95. Buy 2000 more above 23.75 or when volume picks up with rising prices. (It dropped today below 20.95. Luckily, I didn't buy any stocks. Was just watching)

UA: Under Armour: Looks like in a Box (17,20) (2017/05/26)
Trading plan: Buy 1000 now with stoploss at 16.90.
Buy 2000 more above 20.10.
* Bought 1000 stocks- Sold them at 19.79! What am I thinking? Why did I sell? (Profit ~$1600)
* Bought 2000 around 19.50 and 2000 more at 18.92 (July 19)
(Update 08/31/2017) It crashed and the position is in loss. Buying 3k around 15.20!

RILY B Rily: In a box. Pick up in volume (2017/05/26)
Trading Plan. Buy 1000 share now with Stoploss at 13.45
Buy 2000 more above $16
* Position of 3000 stocks. Volume is still going strong. Would buy more above $16
* (Update 07/12/2017) Had a position of 4000 when it broke out. Sold 2000 around $19. Sold 2000 at 19.70 (July 19). Profit around 15k.
(Update 08/31/2017). Bought 1000 at 15.85 and traded a bit (buying around 15.25 and selling around 15.90). Net 1000 long.

ANF In a box. Pick up in Volume (2017/05/29)
Trading plan: Buy 1000 above 14.55 With stoploss at 13.50
OR around 12.06 with SL at 11.45 and 2000 more above 14.55
* Bought at 12.06...(Update 07/12/2017)and lost heavily as it did not give a chance to exit. It open almost 2 dollars lower!!
Dang it!!
(Update 08/31/2017) Stock rebounded. Sold them at cost. No profit no loss.
Sold it because...the jump is too fast so I am *afraid* and I am *greedy* to buy at decline. Also, other reason is based on experience. If your entry was wrong, your exit is more likely to be wrong too. Hence break even sounded a way to go.

DRYS- DryShips 2017/06/12
Horrible stock. Not for investors. Not for 99% of speculators.
* A box is forming. $1.80 low and $2.05 on the high.
* Bought 4000 around $1.95 with SL at $1.78.
* Double up above 2.10

FORD Motors - F Stock
Buy 33% stocks now. Rest on any day with UP gap or above $12.
Bought 6000 and sold them @11.77 with a profit of around 2k (July 19)

SNAP- Snapchat- Is it good time to buy?
I don't follow SNAP but somehow I stumbled upon the chart. It seems to offer pretty good risk-reward situation.
1) There was a strong U Turn signal few days ago. The stock turned around on heavy volume. 
2) Now the stock is facing a resistance/selling pressure around $14. 
The plan is to ride it WHEN it breaks above 14 with a stop loss of $1.


Tesla TSLA- Created a U TURN (SELL) reversal. It is a perfect signal
Short with a SL at 378.01!